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Out of a Jam Essentials is designed to train students in the basic skills used in a commercial kitchen and assist them in their recovery through our life skills workshops.

Through mastering various kitchen skills and personal development, Out of a Jam Essentials students will gain a deeper and better sense of their value, and skills that will help them reach their personal and professional goals. 


What Our Students Learn

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Food Safety Instruction

Serv Safe is the nationally recognized course from the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation.  The curriculum covers five key areas:  Basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross-contamination & allergens, time & temperature, and cleaning & sanitation. The students are instructed and tested and receive certification in these skill areas!

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Product Sales & Marketing

Program staff and volunteers work side by side with the students to build relationships with the community.  Through  marketing, social networking, direct sales and customer service, the students receive hands-on experience in general business skills development.  There are also classroom -based lessons on customer service concepts including customer expectations, communication, body language and attitude.


Workforce Development

Program staff help students prepare to enter the workforce.  They assist students in their employment search by guiding them through resume writing, the application process, and interview preparation.


Personal Development

Low self-confidence, difficulty with relationships, and a limited view of the future are just a few of the things our students face.  Empowering students to change the negative attitudes and habits that have plagued them in the past is a huge part of our programming.  We have sessions that consist of discussions, exercises, and activities that help the students gain self-awareness and self-esteem as well as encourage responsibility and accountability in their actions. Topics such as anger management, healthy decision making, life style and building a support network are part of the overall program.


Life Skills

These sessions consist of discussion and activities revolving around decision making, communication skills, relationship skills and spiritual growth.  All of these topics are addressed through the program whenever the opportunity arises. Building a supportive peer atmosphere and a safe place to explore and learn their gifts, interests and talents is a critical component of our program.


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