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In the words of our founders Bernie and Paula Kaufman, "We've been poor, but we’ve never been hungry. And with the abundant food supply in our community, those who are food insecure, especially children, shouldn’t suffer! This is the story we at Out of a Jam are convinced should be shared, repeatedly! 


We have the skills and the tools to capture much of the unwanted, overstocked and forgotten foods and transition them into healthy, delicious meals for thousands of families in real need.


Learn about how we do that and how you can get involved!

How We Do It

We Find The Food

Identifying and educating the suppliers is crucial to the process. We work with grocers, restaurants, event centers, farmers, food suppliers, food banks and manufactures. We know that almost everyone hates wasting food, but many do not have a working system to save it.

We Make Delicious Meals

• Once we have the rescued food, we can create and prepare it into delicious meals. We have a highly skilled and safety certified team that develops delicious meals and gets them ready in our kitchen for distribution.

We Gather The Food

Next we collect and organize the food items. Over the years we have worked hard at mobilizing a community of staff and volunteers. Having this team is key to getting foods collected and delivered safely to our warehouse.

We Feed Our Community

Finally we are ready to distribue the collected and prepared food. We are currently forming partnerships with churches, schools, food banks and organizations in our community. This enables us to get the food to those in need as soon as possible. 

From finding food, assembling and delivering finished meals, we couldn't do this without you! Consider volunteering with us! 

How You Can Help

Feeding Fort Wayne Side Image.PNG

Bring Us Your Food

We are always looking for more food to rescue. If you or someone you know are in the food industry, we want to help you keep your food from going to waste

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If time is what you have to offer, volunteer!! We can always use your help! Your efforts make a huge difference. And if you know of families that are hungry, we want to help them!


Connect Your Community

 If you have connections to community advocates who are in or interested in food rescue, let us know! Or if you know of families that are hungry, we want to help them, and you can connect us to them! 


Consider giving today and help us Feed, Nourish, & Transform!

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